MJ’s work experience has always been about communication. From teaching English in Japan, to representing others in court and in negotiation, to working as a mediator and facilitator, MJ has been adept at helping others make themselves understood. She has worked with people from a variety of backgrounds, with a variety of values and goals.


MJ graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communications from Carleton University in 1996, and an LL.B. from Queen’s University in 2002, after which she was called to the Bar and worked as a Family Law Lawyer. She has trained in Collaborative Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Mediation, including receiving the qualifying 40-hour Certificate on Alternative Dispute and Conflict Resolution and Advanced Mediation Training Certificate from the Mediation Centre of Southeastern Ontario. MJ has most recently completed training in Elder Mediation.


MJ has experience in litigation, mediation and facilitation. She has volunteered and served on a number of boards of directors, and has been involved in a variety of charities MJ Moore provides mediation and facilitation services in Brockville, Cornwall and Ottawa areas. For further information on her services, please contact her via phone, at 613-803-7088, via email at
info@mjmooremediation.ca, or by visiting her web site at mjmooremediation.ca.