Judy Tetlow

Judy Tetlow graduated from Queen’s University (Psychology) in 1980.

She has had over 30 years of experience as a Counsellor and facilitator working with adults, adolescents and families.

Historically Judy has taught at St. Lawrence College and worked as a contract Counsellor with Corrections Canada and with the National Defense Medical Centre.

Judy is currently working as an Intervention Specialist with the Youth Diversion Program (YDP) and Limestone District School Board of Kingston; developing & implementing a Restorative Practice approach (MEND) within area schools. MEND focuses on resolving conflict in a restorative manner and educating students and staff about how to preserve and build relationships in conflict situations. Judy previously developed and implemented an innovative victim support approach for YDP to en sure victim’s needs were met within

Judy continues to provide individual and family counseling and mediation. Ms Tetlow completed the Mediation Centre’s 40-hour Certificate Course on Alternative Dispute and Conflict Resolution, and has subsequently become an Instructor in the Course, and also co-developer and Instructor for the Centre’s Course on Conflict Resolution in the Classroom and Beyond. She has trained in Family Mediation at the Advanced Level with Barbara Landau, has audited and Coached for the Dispute Resolution Skills Course presented by CDR Associates of Boulder, Colorado and has completed training with Dominic Barter on Restorative Circles.