Benefits of Mediation

Benefits of Mediation

Cost effective 

Compared to the cost of litigation and other less civilized means of fighting, mediation is far more satisfying and cost effective.

Mutually Acceptable Resultsbenefits

By crafting creative solutions to the problem rather than having a solution imposed on them, parties in general are more satisfied with the outcome.

Timely Settlements

Mediation often provides a more timely way of resolving disputes particularly when it may take months to get a court date, and perhaps years if a case is appealed. People are happier when allowed to get on with business or their lives. Mediation is clearly the obvious choice when seeking timely resolution to a disput

High Compliance Rates

Experienceshows that parties who come to a mediated agreement are more likely to comply with the terms of that agreement as opposed to agreements imposed by a third party.

Creative and Practical Agreements

Mediation allows for creative solutions to disputes. Often parties come away from the mediation process with benefits that would not have been possible if litigation, investigation or arbitration processes had been used to settle the problem. Mediation allows for opportunities to “expand the pie”. Parties can craft a settlement to suit their particular situation. Imagination is more often the limiting factor than he less flexible rules of more formal resolution mechanisms such as Court or Arbitration.

Control Over One’s Own Destiny

People who overcome a dispute together achieve a deserved sense of control over the process and outcome compared to those who rely on third-party advocates, such as lawyers, to represent them and Judges decide the outcome.

Sustain an Ongoing Relationship or Achieve Closure in a Cordial Manner

Disputes that occur in the context of relationships that must somehow be preserved are often best handled by mediation. A mediated settlement can address the interests of all parties and will help to sustain relationships in ways not possible in an adversarial decision-making process. And when it is unavoidable, mediation can make the termination of a relationship more amicable.

Lasting Decisions

Mediation teaches conflict resolution skills for the resolution of future disputes, improves communications and promotes better understanding of individual differences generating a mutually acceptable solution that is likely to endure over time.