Company Profile

Company Profile

The Mediation Centre of Southeastern Ontario was founded by Professor Roprofilenald R. Price Q.C., James M. O’Connor and John Curtis.  The founders are all Barristers and Solicitors and trained, experienced Mediators. Other professionals, also qualified mediators, have augmented the group’s broad range of expertise as Roster Mediators. The team comes from a range of disciplines, including law, teaching, counseling, urban planning, and  business. Together, their collective expertise spans a wide range of areas in conflict resolution including: Employment Workplace matters, Corporate/Commercial, Insurance, Family, Personal Injury, Environmental, Estate, Health, Condominium Law, and a wide variety of other disputes.

This group of professionals carries on mediation services as The Mediation Centre of Southeastern Ontario, also the name and style under which The Kingston Centre for Mediation Services, Education and Development Inc. operates.  In addition to mediation, our work includes, courses on Alternative Dispute and Conflict Resolution, customized Workshops and Interventions, Conflict Coaching, and voluntary Community Service.

We believe that mediation and conflict coaching provide an effective, convenient, and affordable opportunity to find solutions to many types of disputes. We encourage people to resolve disputes respectfully, without resort to litigation, and ideally to the mutual satisfaction of all parties. Conflict resolution by means of mediation and related forms of third party neutral intervention is more likely to produce “win–win” and lasting solutions.

Conflict coaching can produce the same results but can be especially useful when not all parties are willing to mediate. It is especially useful in helping people learn to better manage circumstances involving ongoing potential for conflict.  For more information on mediation and conflict coaching please follow the link from the menu on the left side of this page.

With mediation the parties in dispute develop the final agreement – not the Court. With Conflict Coaching, clients learn about their own role in the dynamics of conflict and how they can better understand and control the levers of change.