About CCCM

The Formation of the Canadian Centre for Conflict Management

The Canadian Centre for Conflict Management (CCCM) traces its origins to the Mediation Centre of Southeastern Ontario, which had been serving the dispute resolution community since 2003. The creation of CCCM represents an evolution in the presentation of practical and pragmatic conflict management training and skills building for those who are seeking a clearer path to professional development and accreditation, and access to specialized professional services.

CCCM provides a unique training and skills building opportunity by bringing together scholars and practitioners to provide the full spectrum of theoretical and practical knowledge. CCCM recognizes that the development of robust learning opportunities and conflict management skills building is critical given not only the shift in societal needs and responses to conflict that have emerged in the last two decades, but also in recognition of the fact that today, conflicts are inherently more complex than ever before.

Our mandate is to equip the next generation of practitioners in meeting their future challenges, to assist the existing generation in retaining and sharpening their skills and abilities, and to provide effective and practical solutions to all conflict management needs. We do this through continuous innovation and refinement of best practices in conflict management consulting and training.

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