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Ronald R. Price, Q.C., J.D. is appointed Integrity Commissioner for the County of Frontenac

John Curtis, LL.B. is appointed to the Mediation Roster of the Sports Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada

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“An excellent introductory course to negotiation, conflict assessment, and mediation for anyone considering a career in dispute and conflict resolution or looking to expand their skill sets for other jobs in other people-centered professions.”

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Mediation Centre of Southeastern Ontario

P.O. Box 29023 Portsmouth P.O.,
Kingston, Ontario
K7M 8W6

Telephone: 613.546.6334
Facsimile: 613.544.5642

The Mediation Centre offers Mediation and other Third Party Neutral services, Conflict Management Training, and Conflict Coaching. Our experienced and skilled roster of mediators and trainers is ready to help you or your organization with whatever Conflict Management services you may require.

Our Conflict Resolution Courses are well recognized in the industry. The most comprehensive courses in Negotiation and Mediation Training are offered in the Spring and Fall.

We also offer more compact mediation training courses throughout the year upon request. These have been particularly popular for workplaces experiencing the inevitable conflict associated with transitions and change. We have delivered this customized training all over Ontario.  It is often done at an employer’s site or at another suitable location in the community.

Similarly we have been brought into workplace and organizational settings to provide Third Party Neutral Intervention services. These are services where our Members act, not principally as Mediators resolving disputes between two Parties in conflict, but function in the role of facilitators with regard to dysfunctional and even toxic workplace and/or organizational environments.

Recently, the Centre has added Conflict Coaching to our menu of Conflict Resolution services.  Conflict Coaching has been particularly well received in the workplace setting.  It offers organizations a way to align their corporate culture with the established core values of the organization and provide a practical framework within which to manage conflict.  If you are an individual interested in learning to manage conflict better or an organization seeking alignment with your ideal organizational culture, improved employee productivity and a more harmonious work environment, click on the Conflict Coaching navigation button on the left side of this window for more information.

Program of Courses and Workshops on Alternative Dispute and Conflict Resolution

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Certificate Program on Alternative Dispute and Conflict Resolution





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